Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most used photo-sharing app across the world in current times. There were 1.21 billion monthly active Instagram users worldwide in 2021, that makes up over 28% of the world’s internet users.

Have you ever wanted to view all the posts you have liked since the date of joining Instagram. Here are the ways in which you can view the list of liked posts up till date.

View Instagram liked posts till date
  • Open Instagram app, and log into your profile.
  • Tap on the hamburger icon on the top right corner of the screen.
The hamburger icon

The hamburger icon | Photo Credit: -

  • Select the ‘Your Activity’ option .
Your Activity option

Your Activity option | Photo Credit: -

  • Come down to ‘Interactions’ and then tap on ‘Likes’.
‘Interactions’ will direct you to ‘Likes’ page

‘Interactions’ will direct you to ‘Likes’ page | Photo Credit: -