IBM Consulting, the rebranded consulting arm of IBM is banking on the public sector, core infrastructure, and retail sectors, whose transformation journeys are gaining high momentum, to drive growth in India, according to Kamal Singhani, Country Managing Partner – IBM Consulting, India/South Asia.

Singhani told businessline, “With India being one of the fastest-growing economies, all industry verticals, depending on their maturity curves, are growing at different rates. We have decided to focus on a few industries in India, which would be a part of our global strategy.” 

IBM Consulting sees the retail sector gaining momentum, as various transformation projects are being implemented in the post-pandemic period. It also sees the core manufacturing sector investing in transformation, as they amp up to better their technologies, systems, and process to be ready for the investments that are coming to India. Additionally, the public sector is also gaining momentum with various projects being built in the country, according to Singhani. 

The company has worked with Indian Oil, Parle, Puravankara, and Bangalore International Airport, to name a few in India. Singhani said that in India, the transformation needs are no more just restricted to traditional areas like go-to-market or supply chain but clients are looking at using non-traditional areas of transformation to drive growth. 

“Clients are using various business functions as a tool for transformation. They are looking at Data-led decision-making, AI-led operations management, and even HR-led transformation to drive their transformation journey,” Singhani said. 

ChatGPT and generative AI

Talking about the buzz around ChatGPT and generative AI, Singhani said, For IBM the focus is on bringing AI into the enterprise business. “It has to go deep into the business operations and the processes and start making meaningful sense there in terms of leveraging the strength of the AI performing efficiencies,” he said. 

IBM Consulting was rebranded in 2021 from IBM Global Business Services. Singhani said that the rebranding stemmed from the need for a consulting brand and organization which can represent all the capabilities that IBM has to offer. Currently, IBM Consulting is based on four basic capability towers - Strategy consulting, IBM experience consulting, IBM technology consulting, and IBM operation consulting - he added.