Are you tired of visiting different LLMs to get human-like answers and comparing the answers produced by those Generative AI websites?

An Indian startup has built a multi-modal AI aggregator to save you from the hassle of visiting different sites. The aggregator, OneAIChat, is bringing together a host of LLMs, such as ChatGPT4, Claude 3, Gemini, DALL-E, and Mistral, allowing the users to use them on a unified interface.

“It comes out with a unique feature called ‘Focus Categories’ which allows the users to explore category-specific queries and uncover tailored multi-modal solutions,” a senior executive of OneAIChat said.

“From health and audio/music to faith, marketing, video, art and design, and mathematics, this versatile platform promises to cater to a wide range of needs – all one platform,” he said.

“Our objective is to transform the AI landscape into an inclusive and user-friendly environment, empowering individuals and businesses alike to tap AI technologies effortlessly,” he said.

The Mangalore-based startup said that OneAIChat streamlines content creation by generating high-quality content for blogs, product listings, social media posts, vivid images, videos, informative audio clips, and personalised music.