Rahul Bhatia, Group MD, InterGlobe Enterprises (IndiGo’s parent company) and CP Gurnani, former CEO, Tech Mahindra, have launched a new AI company called AIonOS.

AIonOS aims to provide businesses with advanced AI solutions to streamline workflows, improve customer experience and revolutionise how companies operate in the digital age. Their “IntelliOS” platform will be the core offering, integrating AI into every step of decision-making and connecting to existing data sources. This will allow for better business insights, automation and optimised operations.

“Our vision is to integrate AI, not Air India,” Bhatia quipped, suggesting that he was talking about AI and its usage across various industries. He added, “We recognise that technology is rapidly reshaping industries worldwide. Businesses must reinvent themselves, expand their scope and harness the potential of technology. Building intelligent enterprises, which are not only responsive to current needs but are also predictive and adaptive to future challenges. By leveraging the power of AI we will be able to streamline complex processes and a better customer experience and ultimately foster a more intuitive, sustainable and accessible business landscape.”

AI services

AIonOS will offer a variety of AI-powered products and services, including custom solutions for specific business needs, industry-specific solutions to address unique challenges and a data insight engine to extract valuable information from existing data. They will also focus on AI-powered customer experience solutions to deliver personalised and efficient interactions.

Gurnani said that InterGlobe is the majority shareholder of this venture with the Assago Group. “For our business plan we have made sure we’re not only well funded but there’s a cushion as well,” Gurnani said, adding a lot of good announcements have been lined up for the next one year. Gurnani said the company will continuously seek partnerships.

Expansion plans

AIonOS will be headquartered in Singapore with a global presence spanning North America, India, the Middle East, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Delivery and tech centres will be located in India, with plans to expand to Europe and North America in the coming months.

“We want to be close to the customers. Over the next three months, we will periodically open offices in Europe and North America,” Gurnani said.

The company initially targets the Travel, Transportation, Logistics and Hospitality (TTLH) sector but plans to expand to other industries in the future. With “AIonOS,” businesses can leverage the power of AI to gain a competitive edge in the dynamic and demanding marketplace.