Intel India today announced the launch of a ‘Plugin Alliance’ in collaboration with the Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE), an IIT Bombay initiative, to bring industry, academia, funding entities and the government together to help deep-tech start-ups to grow.

Since many start-ups—one estimate puts it at 90 per cent—die in three years, there is a need to help them. The Alliance would be a one-stop shop for the start-up to get whatever they want—technological assistance, lab space, navigation through regulations, business advice or funding.

Speaking to Business Line about the Alliance today, Nivruti Rai, Country Head, Intel India, observed that Indian start-ups were moving beyond software and services, and getting into deep-tech space, such as AI, 5G, edge computing, cyber security, advanced driver assistance systems and virtual /augmented reality.

Rai said that Intel India has been incubating start-ups for a long. Even the Plugin Alliance existed in a narrower form, under the name Plugin Accelerator, under which 34 start-ups have been given aid. Under the former program, start-ups did not benefit from interfacing with entities such as financiers and regulators.

To get into the Alliance, start-ups will have to pass muster, as there is a tough selection process.

Plugin Alliance’s members represent large enterprises, small and medium enterprises, technology solution providers, systems integrators, startups, the startup ecosystem, including funding partners, relevant incubators, government, and industry bodies. The Alliance is designed to evolve into a thriving community with the participation of these members, representing all facets of the Industry 4.0 ecosystem.

The Alliance will enable special interest groups for its industry members to drive innovation and potential adoption of emerging technologies. One of the focus areas would be to curate Industry 4.0 startups for the Alliance members based on their area of interest and priorities. Once aligned, members define the success criteria and provide an immersive environment for the startup to pilot. “The Alliance aims to build a community that shares and collaborates on ideas and on promoting India as a brand for Industry 4.0 solutions,” says a press release from Intel.

"The formation of this Alliance with key representatives of the ecosystem is a vital step in this direction. It aims to build India as a brand for the Industry 4.0 solution ecosystem and enhance the attractiveness of Indian manufacturing, globally,” the release says.