A Pune-based trade union of IT workers is writing to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and the Ministry of Labour and Employment, seeking punitive action against the top management of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), for allegedly taking bribes to hire new employees. 

Top execs sacked

Reports emerged on Thursday that four top executives at TCS had been sacked after it was found that they were taking bribes from staffing firms to provide jobs to their candidates. The reports come at a time when several IT companies, including TCS, had delayed the onboarding of freshers for months and even years, citing tough macroeconomic conditions for the IT sector. 

The Nascent Information and Technology Employees Senate (NITES) is drafting a letter to the government, asking for proper redressal for the employees who have likely been impacted by this scandal. 

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Harpreet Singh Saluja, President at NITES, told businessline that several employees who are on notice period at TCS, intending to work in other organisations soon, are reporting difficulties transitioning, as their credibility and credentials have been put to question as a result of the scandal. New employers are uncertain if these former employees bribed to get employed at TCS. 

Accountability, transperancy

“The IT sector is one of the largest employers in the country, therefore we seek that the government enforce some kind of accountability and transparency in how they onboard new employees. Many families depend on the employment provided by the sector,” Saluja said.

Saluja said that NITES is sending the letter to the government on the behalf of TCS employees and other employees affected by the scandal. 

TCS issues statement

In a statement to the stock exchanges, TCS said the recruitment activities in TCS are not handled by the Resource Management Group (RMG) as alleged, therefore the reference to alleged scam in recruitment process is incorrect.

“RMG is responsible for allocation of available resources to various projects and incase of any shortfall, fill such requirements through contractors. The complaint referred to in the article relates to hiring of such contract resources employed by the contractors. On receipt of the complaint, the Company launched a review to examine the allegations in the complaint,” TCS said

Based on the review, TCS said, this does not involve any fraud by or against the company and no financial impact. “ the issue relates to breach of Company’s Code of Conduct by certain employees and vendors providing contractors; and no key managerial person of the Company has been found to be involved,” TCs said.