KeyPoint Technologies, a Hyderabad-based technology solutions company, has said it received an Indian patent for its technology used in contextual discovery.

The patented invention offers systems and methods to anticipate users’ intentions and characteristics by analyzing contextual information, enabling the delivery of relevant search advertisements or strings in real-time based on user input.

“This recommendation engine, installed on the user’s device, intelligently predicts user intent and characteristics, facilitating automatic contextual discovery and personalised search results,” Manish Chapla, Chief Operating Officer of KeyPoint Technologies, said in a statement here on Monday.

He said the company received 39 patents so far across various technologies, including text prediction, human-to-mobile Interfaces, human-computer interfaces, intent discovery, glide and glide text prediction.

“These patents represent groundbreaking advancements in human-computer interaction, paving the way for future innovations in contextual technology,” 

“We view this development as a recognition of KPT’s important contributions to the field. This patent protects our innovative technologies,” he said.