Microsoft plans to roll out a new version of Microsoft Teams next month, according to a report by The Verge. The version has been built from ground up to improve its system resource usage on PCs and laptops, the report noted.

Tech giant Microsoft will reportedly release a preview of the new version in late March, with a toggle option that will allow users to switch back to the old version, if needed.

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Also known as Teams 2.0, the updated app will use 50 per cent less memory, strain the CPU less, and result in better laptop battery life, as per The Verge’s report.

These improvements should result in Teams opening faster, and feeling more responsive while replying to messages or presenting in meetings. It will also significantly address complaints around Teams performance, especially on older laptops, the report stated.

In 2021, former head of Microsoft Teams engineering Rishi Tandon tweeted a thread outlining Teams improvements for Windows 11. He stated that Microsoft’s new architecture will be key for future Teams improvements.

Recently, Microsoft rolled out premium Teams offering powered by Open AI’s GPT-3.5 technology to simplify the meeting experience. 

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