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So long, Flappy Bird

| Updated on February 13, 2014





Enough mourning. We’ve got four awesome alternates to Flappy Bird for you to obsess over.

First things first – a minute’s silence for your loss if you couldn’t download the Flappy Bird app in time. Now that you’ve wasted one minute, how do you plan on wasting more time without the absolute pointlessness that was Flappy Bird? Well, no need to ruffle up your feathers, for we’ve got some alternatives for you and your smart device!

Splashy Fish - The Adventure of a Flappy Tiny Bird Fish

Flappy Bird was in the sky, but Splashy Fish is in the water, because fish don’t fly, peeps! It’s basically the same game as Flappy Bird, except that you have to tap to control a redfish, and avoid the Mario like plumbing obstacles. It’s got the same game physics, the same 8-bit graphics look, and you also get retro 8-bit sound effects. And there are five trophies to collect, which include the King of the Ocean Crown (hard to believe because it’s a redfish and not a shark or a whale, but we’ll play along). It all boils down to the question – are you a bird person or a fish person? This app is available only for iOS as of now.


“It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Ironpants!” Well, the superhero based, Flappy Bird clone is definitely doing well on the top charts of both Google Play and App Store for iOS. And instead of those huge pipes, you get to dodge boxes and wooden crates (we still can’t figure out why all those boxes and pipes are hovering around though). But it’s harder, considering highly challenging gaps to squeeze through and a difficult flight path. So although it’s still got the same levels of frustration that came with Flappy Bird, you’ll be deemed a superhero for a high score.

Piou Piou

If a bird is that you must flap around, you’ve got this fat-lipped yellow bird that dodges cacti. Well, to be honest a bird dodging a cactus plant is more believable, but we’re not talking realism here. Problem is, Piou Piou is a bit too easy. It doesn’t require you to feel like flinging you phone away every time you don’t manage to clear an obstacle. Graphics are better, but you will miss the retro-styled Mario references. Also, it’s available only on Android.

Ridiculous Fishing

If the name isn’t clear enough, then know this – it’s about reaching the depths of different water bodies while avoiding obstacles, catching different fish species, tossing them up in the air and blowing them up with guns. Ridiculous enough? It is ridiculously challenging and addictive, if we must add. There are quite a lot of unlockables, and a lot of mysterious trophies. Ridiculous Fishing isn’t a free app on both Android and iOS, but it is way more fun and addictive than any other game right now.

Published on February 12, 2014

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