Mphasis, an IT solutions provider, sees the macro headwinds as an opportunity, as organisations are committed to moving to the cloud, and its offerings make them flexible to face the headwinds, said Ramanathan Srikumar, Chief Solutions Officer. 

The demand for its services persists as adopters of the cloud are returning for further services of re-architecture and optimisation. Mphasis’ ability to address these issues through its Xaap (Anything as a platform) - an approach that treats customer applications as a platform, enables quick composition of offerings helping its functioning and growth. 

Srikumar believes that tech spending won’t be declining but rather becoming more focused as adopters have realised that moving to the cloud will only make them faster. 

The company’s recent adoption of a new solutions approach called the ‘Tribes and squads’ model – cross-functional teams focused on driving the development of next-generation offerings - enables it to respond quickly to market changes and deliver solutions faster, thereby building customer confidence.

Srikumar said, “The approach was very refreshing to our customers because now they knew that when I go to Mphasis, they bring the right set of people so I don’t need to worry about the silos that exist.” 

Investment in emerging technologies 

Mphasis has made some partnerships and investments in blockchain technology and has started developing proof of concepts, prototypes, and smart contracts. The company has seen traction for the technology in the financial sector. It is working with some banks to test some of the proof of concepts and brought in its innovative solutions for blockchain. 

On adoption of the technology, Srikumar said, “Blockchain is something that’s important, but what we realize is its adoption is more of an ecosystem as a blockchain-like architecture is something that is applicable.”