Oracle has launched its second data centre in Hyderabad, as it sees a surge in enterprise demand due to increased digitalisation.

The tech giant has a data centre in Mumbai. Talking to BusinessLine , Shailender Kumar, Regional Managing Director, Oracle India stated that Indian customers and partners will have access to Oracle Cloud services, at attractive price points. Oracle did not quantify investments that went into the data centre.

Indian businesses, like their global counterparts, are reeling under the impact of Covid-19. In this backdrop, some have started to digitise their business processes. “Now, as Indian enterprises start their journey towards getting back onto the growth track, they will look for local cloud infrastructure and services providers that can provide low latency, in-country services to access data and data management and analysis, bullet-proof security and interoperable cloud environments. A provider that can fulfill these demands and complies with the data sovereignty laws of the country will be viewed as a partner of choice,” said Rishu Sharma, Principal Analyst, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence, IDC India.

“A large number of Indian organisations are looking to change growth orbits with greater focus on cloud-led innovation. With two Oracle Cloud regions live in India, we’re geared to support our 15,000 customers, with adequate support by nearly 1,000 specialised Oracle partners,” added Kumar. With India set to pass the Data Privacy Bill, Kumar pointed out that Oracle’s solutions have in-built compliance mechanisms to ensure that sensitive data remains within the confines of a region.

“Underpinning our business is modern technology, which allows us to serve customers more efficiently,” said Raveendrababu BN, Executive Director, Manappuram Finance. With this launch, India joins the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Korea, and the European Union.