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Last year was quite eventful for everything technology. This year is going to be much more with better gadgets and better tech. But let’s also take a look at what 2013 is going to do with out tastes in technology!

The battle continues

No, the smartphone war didn’t end with 2012. In fact, it just got more intense. Towards the end of 2012, Microsoft attempted a comeback into this foray with Windows Phone 8 and a slew of devices with specs and features that can make tech-lovers drool. But this year there’s a new belligerent to break the dynamics of this Mexican standoff – BlackBerry. We might also see a Galaxy SIV surfacing in either CES or MWC, or at least a new concept. And towards end of this year, we might even enter iPhone 6 frenzy. The question isn’t about which one will reign supreme, but which one will not survive till 2014!

Little big shooters

“There’s only so much you can fit in a tiny soapbox,” you might say. But this year, camera manufacturers will shake their heads in rejection and thrust a compact camera towards you, pack with so many features that you wouldn’t be able to fit in your imagination. Sony’s RX-100 contains a full-frame sensor; Canon’s EOS M uses the same platform as the EOS 650D; Nikon and Samsung already have their Android based smart cameras. Mirrorless and Micro Four-thirds have already taken the markets by storm, confirming that this year, you pack small and click big.

Wear your gamer hat

Gaming will go up to an all new level this year! Well, not too early in the year, to be honest, but yes, by mid-year we might get to see or even lay our hands upon a Sony PlayStation 4 and an Xbox 720. The gaming mill is already churning out rumours about these new consoles quite frequently. Chances are that these consoles will be able to support Blu-ray, Ultra High Definition and a lot more motion and voice recognition features. On the downside, these might need an always-online status. But on the upside, we might see developers upgrading their graphics engines, making the biggest games even bigger.

It’s a big, big picture

That big Smart TV in your hall, it’s not going to be the biggest for long. This year, we will only see bigger screens, with much bigger resolution. 4096x2160 pixels are going to be the norm for this year. And it’s not just going to be for televisions, but for projectors too. The reason is simple. Our beloved filmmakers have now gained access to cameras that shoot in 4K resolutions. So when they make films with their new toys, we’d need these big screens!

Published on January 02, 2013

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