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Top headphones - Headbanging revolution

T3 India | Updated on August 17, 2011

Top 6 headphones   -  Business Line

Over-ear headphones are making a comeback, and how. Go retro with this line-up of headphones, and give the in-ear ones a boot!

Block it all out

Blackbox M10 Noise cancelling

The M10s' compact leather cups fit snugly over your ears, instantly cutting out some ambient noise, while Phitek's ANR circuit generates a signal that effectively blocks out the rest. A slight hissing sound is an unfortunate side effect. Otherwise, the sound is smooth and engaging with plenty of detail. It's a shame the padded headband doesn't fold up, but it does twist flat to fit in the handy carry bag. A stereo adapter for aeroplane sockets and a battery are included in the sub-7k price.

Love: Compact and comfortable. Effective noise cancellation. Warm sound. Stereo adapter

Hate: Noise cancelling causes a slight hiss

Rs 6,500

Rating: 4/5

Fitness freak

JayBird Sportsband 2 Bluetooth headphones

Jaybird's minimalist cans connect to your MP3 player or phone via Bluetooth. Volume and track controls, a wireless receiver and a mic for hands-free phone calls are all built into the metallic headband so there are no cables. The design tightly clasps your head, staying put during energetic gym regimes. The sound is generally crisp, but a little brittle when you turn up the volume. It's apt-X compatible, meaning you can add an apt-X dongle (Rs 3,500) for lossless audio tracks.

Love: Bluetooth. Secure fit. Built-in controls

Hate: Low output level

Rs 7,000

Rating: 4/5

Doctor's orders!

Monster Beats Pro By Dr Dre

Built to last and tuned to get the very best out of digital sources, these cans have exemplary sound quality with crisp treble and deep bass – testament to the involvement of hip-hop legend Dr Dre. The aluminium headband clamps the cushioned cups firmly to your head, blocking out most ambient sound. They also spin round so you can hear your surroundings without taking the headphones off – a handy feature “in da club”, but also on da bus. These are well designed, good-sounding cans, but they are extraordinarily pricey.

Love: Strikingly clear and open sound quality

Hate: By far the most expensive cans on test

Rs 25,000

Rating: 3/5

Get gaming

Plantronics GameCom 777 Dolby 7.1 headphones

This gaming headset is also a surround sound system for your head. Plug it into a PC or Mac using the supplied dongle to simulate the effect of a proper 7.1 speaker system. This is obviously not as convincing as proper surround sound, but it does add an eerie sense of depth and space that enhances gaming – you can hear foes creeping up behind you in Call Of Duty. For music playback the sound can be overly bass-heavy, but for gamers it's ideal.

Love: Good surround sound mimicry

Hate: Bass-heavy when playing music

Rs 6,000

Rating: 3/5

Futuristic beats

V-Moda Cross Fade LP

These headphones come in an exoskeleton case and feature brushed metal covers on the cups. It's a bold design that may not be to everyone's taste. The hexagonal cups fit snugly around the ears and they deliver a dynamic and open sound, albeit with slightly bright tonal balance. There's plenty of heavy bass too, with the TM-1s tending to be suited to bass-heavy rock and dance music. The cord has in-line volume controls and a mic for hands-free phone chatting. You may cause a stir on public transport though, because sound leaks from the side vents.

Love: Distinctive design. Hands-free mic

Hate: Plasticky. Some audio leakage

Rs 16,500

Rating: 3/5

Get grooving

Aiaiai TMA-1

The Danish design firm behind this headset consulted 25 of the world's top DJs to perfect the design and sonics. The result is these elegantly simple pair-o-phones that are rugged, dynamic and refreshingly free of overt branding. The sensitive built-in speakers boost the overall output, providing meaty bass lines and a satisfying punch that will help DJs to clearly hear the beat when mixing in noisy night clubs and meet the approval of most music fans. They have a loose fit and the treble could be more biting, but the overall audio effect is engaging.

Love: Sensitive speakers. Punchy bass. Rugged, branding-free build

Hate: Laidback treble

Rs 13,000

Rating: 4/5

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Published on February 16, 2011

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