Xiaomi showcased its quadruped robot, CyberDog in India for the open-source community and developers. The company will display the CyberDog at Mi Homes in Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad.

According to Xiaomi’s statement, the four-legged robot is powered by Nvidia’s Jetson Xavier NX AI Supercomputer for Embedded Edge Systems and paired with 128GB of SSD storage. “It comes with an array of camera sensors, including AI interactive cameras, binocular ultra-wide-angle fisheye cameras, and Intel RealSense D450 Depth module, and can be trained with its computer vision algorithm,” Xiaomi said in a statement. The 11 high-precision sensors of the robot include touch sensors, cameras, ultrasonic sensors, and GPS modules, which give the ability to sense, analyse, and interact with the environment.

CyberDog can analyse surroundings and create navigation maps in real-time. It can be controlled using voice assistants, a wake word, and manually, by a remote or a smartphone app. Developers can customise using three USB Type-C ports and one HDMI port. It can conduct a range of high-speed movements up to 3.2m/s and complicated actions, such as backflips.