SAP Labs India is betting big on the adoption of sustainability practices by organisations of all sizes. Sindhu Gangadharan, SVP and MD of SAP Labs India, says sustainability provides a unique economic opportunity. With the introduction of its products, SAP Product Footprint Management and Sustainability Control Tower, it has made the segment one of its primary focus areas to drive growth in the near future. 

Gangadharan said, “Sustainability is a key business driver for organisations; it’s not an afterthought anymore as it’s at the core of discussions and is the significant chunk of the portfolio, and is one of the priority focus areas across SAP.” 

The company said that globally, it has seen the adoption of the new products by 55 to 60customers and is seeing a growing interest in India as well. SAP Labs India is in talks with various companies across verticals—steel, CPG, pharma, and oil and gas—to increase the adoption of the product. 

Sustainability products

“The customer decision to adopt sustainability products is regulatory-driven, but it’s only a matter of time before businesses of all sizes adopt it. We hope for all our customers to get on board,” Gangadharan said. SAP wants to make sustainability profitable and profitability sustainable, she added. 

The SAP product footprint management system is designed to measure and report greenhouse gas emissions. SAP says its data-driven approach lets businesses embed sustainability comprehensively and gain actionable insights across the entire value chain, enabling companies to transition to low-carbon business processes. 

Sustainability Control Tower is a software-as-a-service experience that allows customers to embed sustainability into their business processes with current data and insights and achieve automated, auditable, and compliant reporting.