AI-focused investment firm, SenseAI Ventures announced the launch of SenseAI Fund I, at ₹200 crore ($25 million) investment into India’s AI start-up ecosystem. 

The SenseAI Fund I will invest in 18-20 AI-first startups, focusing on Seed/Pre-A stage companies. The fund has also planned follow-on investments in some of its most promising portfolio companies. 

Rahul Agarwalla, Co-founder said, “SenseAI’s approach is beyond capital; as experienced founders and operators we offer bespoke support tailored to the unique needs of each AI-first startup. AI is the single largest value-creation opportunity of our lifetimes. In this new era of AI, SenseAI is not just a participant, but a catalyst for groundbreaking change.”

SenseAI’s board of advisors will also provide strategic guidance and insights to its portfolio companies. The firm currently has four exit start-ups and a portfolio of 12 start-ups in areas like AI SaaS, AI B2C, and AI Tools. 

Raja Gopalakrishnan, the company’s General Partner, said, “SenseAI will continue to build on the foundation of ‘Beyond Capital’ providing more than just funding. We offer a partnership that starts with product and technology, fostering a breed of AI startups that are both successful and revolutionary.”

The SenseAI team also claims that its approach to engaging with start-up founders to understand the intellectual property in the technology and main products of each start-up has resulted in a Zero percent failure rate in its portfolio to date.