Shreyas Media, an event management firm that focuses on film events and promotions, has said that it is raising ₹30 crore to fund its expansion plans.

“High networth individuals have come forward to invest ₹30 crore in our company. We will use them to expand our operations in the Gulf region, the United States, Asia Pacific and Pan India,” Gandra Srinivas Rao, Founder of Shreyas Media Group, has said.

He said that 11-year-old company had conducted over 1,500 events sofar. “Out of the 1,500 events, about 1,000 events were movie promotion events,” he said.

Stating that the firm was planning to diversify, he said it would rebuild Shreyas ET OTT platform.

The company registered a turnover of ₹20 crore in the last financial year.