Anand Gopal Mahindra, Chairperson of Mahindra Group, took to Twitter, saying it’s a privilege to have competitors like Tata Motors as they keep reinventing themselves and encourage to do better. The tweet from Anand Mahindra came as a reply to a Twitter user’s query on Tata Motors.

Users’ reactions to the tweet have caught their eyes. “Mahesh @maheshphogat Replying to @anandmahindra and @TataMotors It’s good to have competition for Innovation; it’s better for economy and best for India.”

“shishir @shishir84454788 Replying to @anandmahindra and @TataMotors There are few people who normally praise competitor. Word coming from you is simply remarkable..luv the way you see the industry..🙏.”

In another post, a Twitter user is seen complimenting Mahindra Motors ”Safety features, steering, seats, leg space, gadgets, sensors are all worth writing home about”, to which Anand Mahindra had a humble reply.