Key highlights of Facebook's analysts conference call on earnings outlook. Here is what Facebook said:

*Anticipate ad load on Facebook will continue to grow modestly over next 12 months

*Tightening our expense guidance range

*Anticipate full year 2016 capital expenditure will be about $4.5 billion as we invest to support rapid growth of our business

*Expect full year 2016 amortisation expenses to be approximately $700 million to $800 million

*Anticipate that our total non-GAAP expenses will grow in the range of 45% to 50%, narrowed from our prior range of 45% to 55%

*Do expect that ad load will be as less significant factor driving overall growth especially after mid-2017

*Anticipate lower advertising revenue growth rates in each successive quarter in 2016

*Expect that full year 2016 total GAAP expense growth will be about 30% to 35%, narrowed from our prior range of 30% to 40%

*We're doing a partnership with the NBA to stream some us men's Olympic team games in the next couple of weeks