Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature called Gifts that would benefit content creators. Through the feature, creators will now be able to earn money from Reels. As per reports, the latest Instagram feature is an internal prototype.

Instagram teased the feature in July, and was first noticed by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi. Back then, Instagram was developing the feature under the name “content appreciation”. In a snapshot shared by Paluzzi, a toggle option is seen at the bottom of Reels that would let fans ‘send a gift’ like stars, charms, or mega-like, to the creator for every Reel. Content creators can also check if they are eligible for Instagram Gifts under the Gifts tab in their settings.

It is not the first time that Instagram has come up with an idea to content creators and tip them for their creativity. In 2020, Instagram launched the concept of Badges through which users can show their support in live videos hosted by content creators. When a creator earns a Badge during a live stream, a heart icon appears next to the individual’s name in the comments. With Gifts on its way, now creators can earn money via livestreams and Instagram Reels.

Instagram’s biggest competitor TikTok launched the Tip Jar feature in May and a direct tipping policy in December to show support to creators.