A recent tweet by Twitter Support limits TweetDeck only to verified users. A few days back, users reported inaccessibility of TweetDeck, resulting Twitter to roll out a new version of the web app.

Elon Musk-owned Twitter said in order to access TweetDeck, users are required to be verified within 30 days of the free trial period. For now, Twitter Blue users verified organisations, and ones who have been gifted with a blue tick, are eligible to access TweetDeck.

The company guaranteed that saved searches, lists, and columns, can all be ported to the new version without being lost. Option for porting old data will be prompted when the new version is installed.

Twitter also confirms that TweetDeck will now support full composer functionality, spaces, video docking, polls, and more.

Musk has also levied a read limit of 1,000 tweets per day for non-verified users and 10,000 for Blue Tick subscribers.

In July 2021, Twitter started testing new features, in the US, Australia, and Canada, with plans to roll them out for TweetDeck.