Twitter announced the debut of podcasts on its platform and said the users can access podcast from the app and website directly by tapping on the mic icon. In March, Twitter tweaked the first evidence of podcast in its platform.

Having introduced Twitter Spaces in 2020, where users can host and join live audio rooms, has been introducing multiple new features since its launch. An interesting feature of Spaces is the recording, where a session can be recorded and played later. At the present, Twitter is seen to be more inclined to podcasts with the recent update to Spaces.

Twitter Spaces tab

Twitter Spaces tab | Photo Credit: -

Twitter will integrate podcasts with Twitter Spaces. Earlier this month, Twitter said that the Spaces platform will be redesigned so that users can easily find live and recorded Spaces by topic, just like podcasts. The users can also search via genres like news, music, and sports. 

Twitter said the new Spaces tab is being rolled out for a few iOS and Android users. For people, who already had their primary language as English will have access to the podcasts.