WhatsApp unveiled an undo feature for deleted messages to expand its suite of messaging controls and offer users more flexibility and control over their conversations. WhatsApp reported that this new functionality comes as part of a broader update aimed at enhancing user experience by allowing individuals to undo the deletion of messages within a brief window.

The introduction of the undo feature accompanies the existing “Delete for Everyone” option, which permits users to remove messages from both individual and group chats. This feature is useful when a message is sent to the wrong group or contains an error. Once a message is deleted, a placeholder notification, “This message has been deleted,” appears in the chat. The undo feature now lets users reverse accidental deletions within five seconds.

For deletions to function correctly, both the sender and recipient must be using the latest version of WhatsApp. Additionally, media files sent via WhatsApp might still be saved on recipients’ devices, especially on iOS, even if the message is deleted from the chat. Users have a two-day window to request the deletion of messages for everyone, with group admins also having two days to action these requests.

“Ever meant to delete a message for everyone, but deleted it just for you? Well, now you can undo it. Yep, deleting never felt so good.” reported WhatsApp in its blog.