YouTube Premium could soon let mobile users zoom in on any video. The video streaming platform is testing the ability in portrait and landscape videos on its mobile app. This comes after the video streaming service released picture-in-picture mode for iPhone and iPad.

YouTube will gather user feedback for the zoom feature, which is under testing phase until September 1, 2022, reported The Verge. The ‘pinch to zoom’ feature could be accessed via the YouTube settings menu. YouTube Premium subscribers could check the availability of the feature in the ‘try new features’ section. “Pinch the video player with two fingers to zoom in and out,” YouTube said.

According to 9to5Google, YouTube Premium members can test the feature in the YouTube app on Android. ‘Pinch to zoom’ allows users to move around and look at various elements within the video. However, there might be a delay in opting for the test and being able to use the zoom feature, The Verge reported.