Tata Consultancy Services has finally put an end to the work from home facility and has asked all employees to start coming to office from October. TCS has been preparing for this shift from hybrid work culture over the last few months. 

Over the last year, the IT/ITeS companies have been forced onto the backfoot vis-à-vis their employees. Soaring global demand for Indian IT company services triggered a mammoth hiring spree. The much-in-demand employees were on a roll with generous salary hikes and other demands met instantly.

Tougher stand

Now, the global economic slowdown has slammed the brakes on all tech companies and the race to hire talent has stalled.” It’s hardly surprising tech companies are suddenly taking a tougher stand and demanding their employees return to the sprawling campuses created over the years,” said an expert. 

When contacted a TCS spokesperson said , “As we are in the silent period at the moment, we will not be able to comment on your query.”

TCS’ chief operating officer N Ganapathy Subramaniam had recently indicated that the company was about to end the work from home facility “I feel sad. I am sure if they’d been in face-to-face interaction, they would have valued TCS a lot better than working remotely,” Subramaniam said at a seminar.