In an open letter from Twitch, the company says that it plans to change the way channels and viewers see ads during a live stream and aims at making the ads less annoying.

It is kind of the worst experience when a viewer gets abruptly interrupted by unwanted ads in between streaming. But now, Twitch aims to change the way ads work during streaming.

In the letter, Twitch states that running three minutes of ads per hour in any way will disable all pre-rolls and no longer needs to be split into 90-second ads every 30 minutes.

Twitch, the subsidiary of Amazon, also states that it is applying picture-by-picture experience to the majority of pre-roll ads that viewers do see. In addition, Twitch is also exploring ways to give communities a heads-up when ads are coming and the ability to snooze video mid-roll ads.

Twitch is also paving an easier way for users to flag to a community when they are working with advertisers on branded content, through Ads Manager.