Indian users can now subscribe to Twitter Blue, an opt-in paid monthly subscription that adds a blue checkmark to the user’s account and provides elite access to select features such as the Twitter edit tweet feature, longer video uploads, longer tweets, and many more. 

However, despite the promise of purchasing power parity in pricing, the cost of Twitter Blue is quite similar to the pricing in the US. Indian users will have to pay ₹900 on Twitter’s mobile app or ₹650 on the website in order to avail the feature. Annual subscribers on the website will receive a discount of ₹1,000 and will have to pay ₹6,800 instead of ₹7,800.

‘Verified’ tag

Earlier, users could separately apply for the “verified” tag without having to pay a price. The company on Wednesday said the feature was being rolled out in 15 countries, including India, Brazil, and Indonesia.

Other features offered by Twitter Blue include – NFT profile pictures, customisable app themes, spaces tab, top articles etc.

In an effort to boostthe monetisability of the platform, Elon Musk proposed that users will now have to pay in order to get verified. The blue checkmark, which was previously coveted and only provided to popular personalities or influential members of society to prevent wrongful impersonation, has been democratised. Indian users can now get the “blue tick” if they pay ₹900 a month and prove their identity. 

Indian users on Twitter, however, remarked on the high price of the service, noting that Twitter has not provided localised pricing for India. Ajimon Francis, Managing Director at Brand Finance India, said however, “Twitter is a platform that is popular amongst the Indian elite class, including corporate leaders, politicians, and journalists that use the platform to amplify their voice and influence. These users will be willing to pay for Twitter Blue to better access the multifold of features provided by the app.”