Piqual Inc, a US headquartered B2B lead generation company, is expanding its Kochi operations. The company has on-boarded Jim Peter as Head of Inside Sales Services and India Centre Head to this effect.

Jim is joining the co-founding team of Piqual’s AI-enabled Inside Sales products and will also drive Piqual’s Inside Sales services. He will also lead Piqual’s India centre expansion plans in Kochi including team growth. Jim’s onboarding is aligned to its parent company, Nuivio Ventures’ model of on-boarding entrepreneurial professionals to build its portfolio of AI product companies.

Piqual is an AI-enabled B2B lead generation platform that delivers consistent leads, high brand recall, and revenue growth to its clients. Piqual, whose name is a composite of “piquant” and “digital” , is headquartered in New York and delivers lead-generation products and services via its global offices across Richmond, London, Bengaluru and Kochi.