Aspira Pathlab and Diagnostics Ltd.’s shares were up by 20 per cent after the company reported a 151 per cent increase in profit for Q1 at ₹71.60 lakh.

The company’s revenues were down by 12 per cent to ₹2.60 crore. Sequentially, the company’s profits were higher by 176 per cent compared to ₹25.93 lakh in the previous quarter.

The company also announced that the board had discussed contemplation of increasing promoter stake in the company via an Open Offer and exploration of enhanced business collaborations with the Promoter Company, Yashraj Biotechnology Limited.

These discussions were preliminary in nature and will only be finalised upon formal decisions and agreements.

The shares were up by 20 per cent to ₹32 at 09.39 on BSE.