Weak availability of imported stock has perked up tur by Rs 100 in the Indore mandis in the past one week, with tur (Maharashtra) being quoted at Rs 5,850-Rs 5,900 a quintal, tur (Karnataka) ruling at Rs 6,000, and tur (Nimari) quoting at Rs 5,000-Rs 5,500 a quintal respectively.

Tur dal (sawa no.) ruled at Rs 7,000-Rs 7,100 today, tur dal (full) at Rs 7,200-Rs 7,300, while tur marka was quoted at Rs 7,600-Rs 7,700 a quintal respectively. Urad also gained Rs 100 in the past one week on improved buying support at lower rates, with urad (bold) being quoted at Rs 6,200-Rs 6,400 a quintal. Urad dal (bold) was quoted at Rs 8,200-Rs 8,500, while urad monger ruled at Rs 8,500-Rs 11,000 a quintal, respectively.

Moong and its dal ruled stable on subdued demand, with moong (bold) being quoted at Rs 6,300-Rs 6,500 a quintal, while moong (average) ruled at Rs 5,000-Rs 5,700. Moong dal (bold) was quoted at Rs 8,400-Rs 9,000, while moong mongar ruled at Rs 9,500-Rs 10,500 a quintal, respectively.