Tanishq, a jewellery brand, part of Titan and from the House of Tata, has launched its Diwali collection called Alekhya, closely after Chozha and Ishani collections launched earlier this year.

Speaking to BusinessLine, Ajoy Chawla, CEO, Jewellery Division, Titan Company Limited explained, the inspiration behind their latest collection, “Alekhya finds its inspiration from Pichwai – which is the backside of the god and goddess idols found in the temples of Rajasthan.” This year also saw the launch of the Chozha collection, which showcases the pride of the Tamil culture and finds its inspiration in the Chola dynasty and the Pujo collection – Ishani.

According to Chawla, the strategy behind launching a new collection every quarter is the hype that it creates, and the possibility of a new product line or sub-brand, depending on its impact on the customers.

“In the world of jewellery, we have pioneered the concept of launching a seasonal collection. Earlier, it was a product/karigiri that was celebrated and not a collection. Every year we launch several collections, creating a 360-degree impact, and that has helped us position ourselves as design leaders,” he added.

The company says all collections are targeted at different occasions and audiences, so each has a different genre and shelf life. On average, a collection has visibility of three-four months before another collection is launched.

“Now we don’t drop a particular collection instantly. Also, those that become customer favourites from a collection are adopted into our regular categories—wedding/daily wear/high value—and later can end up as a product line or maybe a sub-brand. And an example of the product line is the mangalsutra – Dor, or sub-brands such as Reva, Mia, Aveer – jewellery for men,” said the CEO.

Tanishq owes its success to its tenet of upholding the integrity of the buyer, design, and craftsmanship. The company says one of the core reasons for the clear six per cent market share of the 32 per cent that is the organized market is that they have been able to champion rooted yet, progressive women.

Tanishq, which started as a watchmaker in 1994, is today one of the leading jewellery brands in the country. It has around 400 stores and is a part of Titan’s jewellery division which also runs three other brands: Mia, CaratLane, and Zoya.