HDFC Capital, through it’s recently raised off-shore fund, has made its first equity investment of Rs 300 crore with the Bangalore-based Total Environment Group.

“This investment brings financial closure for five major projects currently under construction and will enable us to immediately infuse Rs 400 cr into the construction of these projects with the single objective of accelerating delivery,” said Kamal Sagar, Founder and Director of Total Environment.

The group, which completed 20 years earlier this month, has delivered 30 projects in Bangalore and Pune and earned itself a reputation for high quality design and construction in a difficult industry.

In its new projects, the group is also venturing into smaller, more affordable homes, with the quality and all the features of a typical Total Environment Home.

“The company will now focus all its efforts on hastening the pace of construction in order to be able to deliver quickly,” Kamal said .