Mphasis Ltd collaborated with AVAS for the ‘Universal Design and Accessibility Walk for Arcause 4.0’, to promote inclusivity and accessibility. The company informed that the 320-kilometer walk from Chennai to Bengaluru is to raise awareness about Universal Design, fostering environments accessible to all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. 

The initiative highlights the importance of architectural social responsibility, engaging communities and change along the route. It was supported by the Council of Architecture, India, the Indian Institute of Architects, the Indian Institute of Interior Designers, Vidya Sagar, and National Association for Students of Architecture.

Mphasis, collaborating under Project Udita 2023-24, aims to contribute, educate, and raise awareness about universal design’s impact on the lives of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs). Ayaskant Sarangi, CHRO, Mphasis, emphasised the goal of building a more inclusive future through thoughtful design.

The initiative focuses on Architectural Social Responsibility, with Gita engaging with local communities along the route, fostering meaningful interactions. Partners include Nippon Paint, TVS Ronin, Samarthyam, Wheeling Happiness, SPA Bhopal, and BVDU, Pune.

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