Sharika Enterprises Ltd has ventured into the manufacture of electrical control panels. Rajinder Kaul, Chairman and Managing Director of Sharika Enterprises, said, “Electrical panels are one of the fastest-growing segments in the power sector, but there has been a wide gap due to a lack of availability of dependable products and expertise in this specialised segment. With our deep-rooted experience and unwavering dedication, we aim to bridge this gap and cater to the unfulfilled needs of the industry.”

The company said its goal is to transform the sector into an advanced ‘smart grid’, utilising sustainable solutions. In the solar power sector, it has collaborated with governmental bodies, PSUs, schools, private sectors, and more.

Its portfolio includes grid-connected solar PV systems, off-grid solutions, hybrid solutions with battery backup, battery energy storage systems, EV charging systems, micro-grids, real-time monitoring of solar plants, and solar street lights. 

The shares were down by 1.24 per cent to ₹11.19 on the BSE.