Persistent System Ltd.’s shares went up by 1.2 per cent after the company announced its partnership with Google Cloud to launch a suite of Generative AI solutions, aiming to accelerate AI adoption for businesses. The collaboration introduces a six-week Generative AI deployment acceleration program, utilising Persistent’s unique IP and Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform. This program helps clients identify use cases, build customised AI roadmaps, and implement Generative AI technologies effectively.

The company has developed an IP-driven application and database modernisation accelerator to streamline data preparation for AI use cases using Google Cloud’s Generative AI capabilities. The solution accelerates code migration, reduces time-to-market, and enhances developer productivity.

Additionally, Persistent offers an AI-powered conversational interface for enterprise search and insight discovery, leveraging Google Cloud’s expertise in natural language understanding.

The shares went up by 1.2 per cent to Rs.4745 at close on BSE.