Tata TeleServices (Maharashtra) Ltd.’s shares were up by 0.85 per cent after the company joined forces with Truecaller, to introduce the ‘Verified Business Caller ID Solution.’ The company reported, this collaboration aims to enhance secure and efficient communication for TTBS enterprise customers, offering an additional layer of identity verification, credibility, and spam prevention. 

Key features include presenting the brand and logo accurately in the Caller ID, using a Green Highlight to provide positive reassurance to customers, introducing a Verified badge for added safety and legitimacy, implementing protective measures to restrict user community edits to names, logos, and tags, and incorporating the Purpose of Call feature to communicate the nature of the call before it is answered.

Truecaller reported that more than 2000 active businesses across India and global markets have already benefited from the Verified Business Caller ID solution and other advanced communication capabilities.

The shares were up by 0.85 per cent to ₹94.25 at 9.50 am on the BSE.