Thermax secured orders exceeding Rs 500 crore for setting up five bio-CNG plants across India, utilising local feedstock for commercial and captive use. The initiative aligns with the company’s broader efforts to introduce solutions in biochemicals and bioenergy.

Thermax also plans to deploy 1 GW of hybrid renewable energy solutions by FY 2027 and is venturing into gasification plants with carbon capture capabilities to process 100-500 TPD coal. This technology, developed in partnership with IIT-Delhi, supports the Prime Minister’s vision of gasifying 100 million tonnes of coal by 2030, the company said.

Additionally, Thermax has introduced electrical energy solutions such as electric boilers and hybrid heat pump to help reduce dependence on fossil fuels and achieve zero emissions through green electricity.

However, shares were down by 0.44 per cent to Rs 2,667.40 at 11.08 am on the BSE.