The All India Bank Employees’ Association (AIBEA) has given a call to its members to strike work on January 8. This is pursuant to the failure of talks held before the Chief Labour Commissioner (CLC) in New Delhi on Wednesday.

AIBEA General Secretary C H Venkatachalam alleged the management of the associate banks of State Bank of India of persisting with their illegal stand and rejecting the CLC’s advice to put on hold the implementation of CPS and finding an amicable solution through mutual discussion.

“The action of the associate bank managements in unilaterally implementing SBI’s Career Progression Scheme (CPS) is illegal and in violation of the Bipartite Settlement signed by IBA and the AIBEA on 25th May, 2015,” Venkatachalam contended and explained that the CPS package included higher passing powers and additional duties, increased working hours, enlarged mobility, abolition of sweepers cadre, outsourcing of jobs etc, which were not contained in the industry-level bipartite settlement.

He blamed the IBA for remaining a silent spectator when the terms of the settlement were being violated by the management of associate banks.