Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Cross-currency Rates

As on : December 04, 2019

Pound Sterling ( 1 Pound Sterling is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees93.52
Australian Dollar1.9133
Canadian Dollar1.7369
Danish Kroner8.8229
Hong Kong Dollar10.2412
Indonesian Rupiah18442.7135
Japanese Yen *142.1646
New Zealand Dollar2.0057
Norwegian Kroner12.0194
Singapore Dollar1.7835
South Korean Won1557.9637
Swedish Kroner12.4581
Swiss Franc1.2937
Thai Baht39.6234
US Dollar1.3081
Chinese Yuan9.2323
Arab Emirates Dirham5.3259
Euro (1 Euro is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees79.22
Australian Dollar1.6206
Canadian Dollar1.4712
Danish Kroner7.4732
Hong Kong Dollar8.6746
Indonesian Rupiah15621.3765
Japanese Yen *120.4165
New Zealand Dollar1.6989
Norwegian Kroner10.1807
Pound Sterling0.847
Singapore Dollar1.5106
South Korean Won1319.6288
Swedish Kroner10.5523
Swiss Franc1.0958
Thai Baht33.5618
US Dollar1.108
Chinese Yuan7.8199
Arab Emirates Dirham4.5112
US Dollar (1 US dollar is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees71.50
Australian Dollar1.4626
Canadian Dollar1.3278
Danish Kroner6.7448
Hong Kong Dollar7.8291
Indonesian Rupiah14098.7971
Japanese Yen *108.6798
New Zealand Dollar1.5333
Norwegian Kroner9.1884
Pound Sterling0.7645
Singapore Dollar1.3634
South Korean Won1191.0077
Swedish Kroner9.5238
Swiss Franc0.989
Thai Baht30.2906
Chinese Yuan7.0577
Arab Emirates Dirham4.0715
Canadian Dollar (1 Canadian $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees53.84
Australian Dollar1.1016
Danish Kroner5.0797
Hong Kong Dollar5.8963
Indonesian Rupiah10618.2213
Japanese Yen *81.85
New Zealand Dollar1.1548
Norwegian Kroner6.9201
Pound Sterling0.5757
Singapore Dollar1.0268
South Korean Won896.9831
Swedish Kroner7.1726
Swiss Franc0.7448
Thai Baht22.8128
US Dollar0.7531
Chinese Yuan5.3154
Arab Emirates Dirham3.0663
Swiss Franc (1 Swiss Franc is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees72.29
Australian Dollar1.4789
Canadian Dollar1.3426
Danish Kroner6.8198
Hong Kong Dollar7.9161
Indonesian Rupiah14255.5709
Japanese Yen *109.8883
New Zealand Dollar1.5503
Norwegian Kroner9.2906
Pound Sterling0.773
Singapore Dollar1.3786
South Korean Won1204.2513
Swedish Kroner9.6297
Thai Baht30.6275
US Dollar1.0111
Chinese Yuan7.1362
Arab Emirates Dirham4.1167
Japanese Yen* (100 Japanese Yen are ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees65.78
Australian Dollar1.3458
Canadian Dollar1.2217
Danish Kroner6.2061
Hong Kong Dollar7.2038
Indonesian Rupiah12972.7864
New Zealand Dollar1.4108
Norwegian Kroner8.4546
Pound Sterling0.7034
Singapore Dollar1.2545
South Korean Won1095.887
Swedish Kroner8.7632
Swiss Franc0.91
Thai Baht27.8715
US Dollar0.9201
Chinese Yuan6.4941
Arab Emirates Dirham3.7463
Danish Kroner (1 Danish Kroner is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees10.60
Australian Dollar0.2169
Canadian Dollar0.1969
Hong Kong Dollar1.1608
Indonesian Rupiah2090.3175
Japanese Yen *16.1131
New Zealand Dollar0.2273
Norwegian Kroner1.3623
Pound Sterling0.1133
Singapore Dollar0.2021
South Korean Won176.5813
Swedish Kroner1.412
Swiss Franc0.1466
Thai Baht4.491
US Dollar0.1483
Chinese Yuan1.0464
Arab Emirates Dirham0.6036
Swedish Kroner (1 Swedish Kroner is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees7.51
Australian Dollar0.1536
Canadian Dollar0.1394
Danish Kroner0.7082
Hong Kong Dollar0.8221
Indonesian Rupiah1480.3786
Japanese Yen *11.4114
New Zealand Dollar0.161
Norwegian Kroner0.9648
Pound Sterling0.0803
Singapore Dollar0.1432
South Korean Won125.0562
Swiss Franc0.1038
Thai Baht3.1805
US Dollar0.105
Chinese Yuan0.7411
Arab Emirates Dirham0.4275
Norwegian Kroner (1 Norwegian Kroner is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees7.78
Australian Dollar0.1592
Canadian Dollar0.1445
Danish Kroner0.7341
Hong Kong Dollar0.8521
Indonesian Rupiah1534.4114
Japanese Yen *11.8279
New Zealand Dollar0.1669
Pound Sterling0.0832
Singapore Dollar0.1484
South Korean Won129.6207
Swedish Kroner1.0365
Swiss Franc0.1076
Thai Baht3.2966
US Dollar0.1088
Chinese Yuan0.7681
Arab Emirates Dirham0.4431
New Zealand Dollar (1 New Zealand $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees46.63
Australian Dollar0.9539
Canadian Dollar0.866
Danish Kroner4.399
Hong Kong Dollar5.1061
Indonesian Rupiah9195.2278
Japanese Yen *70.8809
Norwegian Kroner5.9927
Pound Sterling0.4986
Singapore Dollar0.8892
South Korean Won776.7746
Swedish Kroner6.2114
Swiss Franc0.645
Thai Baht19.7555
US Dollar0.6522
Chinese Yuan4.6031
Arab Emirates Dirham2.6554
Australian Dollar (1 Australian $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees48.88
Canadian Dollar0.9078
Danish Kroner4.6114
Hong Kong Dollar5.3527
Indonesian Rupiah9639.3216
Japanese Yen *74.3042
New Zealand Dollar1.0483
Norwegian Kroner6.2821
Pound Sterling0.5227
Singapore Dollar0.9321
South Korean Won814.2898
Swedish Kroner6.5114
Swiss Franc0.6762
Thai Baht20.7097
US Dollar0.6837
Chinese Yuan4.8254
Arab Emirates Dirham2.7837
Singapore Dollar (1 Singapore $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees52.44
Australian Dollar1.0728
Canadian Dollar0.9739
Danish Kroner4.9471
Hong Kong Dollar5.7423
Indonesian Rupiah10340.9584
Japanese Yen *79.7127
New Zealand Dollar1.1246
Norwegian Kroner6.7394
Pound Sterling0.5607
South Korean Won873.5611
Swedish Kroner6.9853
Swiss Franc0.7254
Thai Baht22.2171
US Dollar0.7335
Chinese Yuan5.1766
Arab Emirates Dirham2.9863
Hong Kong Dollar (1 HongKong $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees9.13
Australian Dollar0.1868
Canadian Dollar0.1696
Danish Kroner0.8615
Indonesian Rupiah1800.8282
Japanese Yen *13.8816
New Zealand Dollar0.1958
Norwegian Kroner1.1736
Pound Sterling0.0976
Singapore Dollar0.1741
South Korean Won152.1265
Swedish Kroner1.2165
Swiss Franc0.1263
Thai Baht3.869
US Dollar0.1277
Chinese Yuan0.9015
Arab Emirates Dirham0.52
Thai Baht (1 Thai Baht is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees2.36
Australian Dollar0.0483
Canadian Dollar0.0438
Danish Kroner0.2227
Hong Kong Dollar0.2585
Indonesian Rupiah465.4506
Japanese Yen *3.5879
New Zealand Dollar0.0506
Norwegian Kroner0.3033
Pound Sterling0.0252
Singapore Dollar0.045
South Korean Won39.3193
Swedish Kroner0.3144
Swiss Franc0.0327
US Dollar0.033
Chinese Yuan0.233
Arab Emirates Dirham0.1344
Indonesian Rupiah* (100 Indonesian Rupiah are ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees0.51
Australian Dollar0.0104
Canadian Dollar0.0094
Danish Kroner0.0478
Hong Kong Dollar0.0555
Japanese Yen *0.7708
New Zealand Dollar0.0109
Norwegian Kroner0.0652
Pound Sterling0.0054
Singapore Dollar0.0097
South Korean Won8.4476
Swedish Kroner0.0676
Swiss Franc0.007
Thai Baht0.2148
US Dollar0.0071
Chinese Yuan0.0501
Arab Emirates Dirham0.0289
South Korean Won* (100 South Korean Won are ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees6.00
Australian Dollar0.1228
Canadian Dollar0.1115
Danish Kroner0.5663
Hong Kong Dollar0.6573
Indonesian Rupiah1183.7705
Japanese Yen *9.125
New Zealand Dollar0.1287
Norwegian Kroner0.7715
Pound Sterling0.0642
Singapore Dollar0.1145
Swedish Kroner0.7996
Swiss Franc0.083
Thai Baht2.5433
US Dollar0.084
Chinese Yuan0.5926
Arab Emirates Dirham0.3419
Chinese Yuan (1 Chinese Yuan is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees10.13
Australian Dollar0.2072
Canadian Dollar0.1881
Danish Kroner0.9557
Hong Kong Dollar1.1093
Indonesian Rupiah1997.6336
Japanese Yen *15.3986
New Zealand Dollar0.2172
Norwegian Kroner1.3019
Pound Sterling0.1083
Singapore Dollar0.1932
South Korean Won168.7518
Swedish Kroner1.3494
Swiss Franc0.1401
Thai Baht4.2918
US Dollar0.1417
Arab Emirates Dirham0.5769
Arab Emirates Dirham (1 Arab Emirates Dirham is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees17.56
Australian Dollar0.3592
Canadian Dollar0.3261
Danish Kroner1.6566
Hong Kong Dollar1.9229
Indonesian Rupiah3462.8278
Japanese Yen *26.693
New Zealand Dollar0.3766
Norwegian Kroner2.2568
Pound Sterling0.1878
Singapore Dollar0.3349
South Korean Won292.5253
Swedish Kroner2.3392
Swiss Franc0.2429
Thai Baht7.4397
US Dollar0.2456
Chinese Yuan1.7335
Indian Rupees (1 Rupee is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Australian Dollar0.0205
Canadian Dollar0.0186
Danish Kroner0.0943
Hong Kong Dollar0.1095
Indonesian Rupiah197.1998
Japanese Yen *1.5201
New Zealand Dollar0.0214
Norwegian Kroner0.1285
Pound Sterling0.0107
Singapore Dollar0.0191
South Korean Won16.6586
Swedish Kroner0.1332
Swiss Franc0.0138
Thai Baht0.4237
US Dollar0.014
Chinese Yuan0.0987
Arab Emirates Dirham0.0569
* for 100 units

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Published on December 04, 2019
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