So, if you wish to be an entrepreneur, remember that this only the tip of the ice-berg.

Entrepreneurship is a tricky game. But, had it not been for entrepreneurs, do you think industries would have seen the light of day? There are many examples of people who set out to build enterprises that endorsed concepts that were unheard of to the public for a long time. These include Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, JRD Tata, and many more.

The journey towards success for an entrepreneur is indeed a ‘Work in Progress’. What does that mean?

Many entrepreneurs of today deem passion to be the key to successful businesses. But most companies truly flourish only when the businesses are consistent and businesspeople are focussed as well as practical.

Let us try to understand the term consistency.

There are many ways of being consistent. You could do the same activity, follow the same strategies and be satisfied with the same results for every passing year.

Or, you could introduce certain practical changes, modify strategies and witness a few positive changes to the results of your company.

While the first option is often safer, you are likely to be behind the game as time goes by. The second option allows you to observe trends and helps you be more innovative. This would ensure that you continue to be part of the competition.   

It is also important for you to remember that rapid alterations in your company’s performance must be looked into deeply. Let’s just say that you shouldn’t party in the Bahamas the moment you earn your first Rs 1 crore. After all, crash landing always hurts!