In this episode of the State of the Economy podcast, businessline’s Rishi Ranjan Kala talks to Akshay Singhal, founder and CEO of Log9 materials, about challenges related to EV’s and clean energy storage globally.  

The podcast starts by emphasising the pivotal role EVs play in India’s efforts to decarbonise the transport and logistics sectors, identifying them as major consumers and polluters in the country. The conversation goes on to talk about the adoption of EVs in the logistics sector. Singhal sheds light on the challenges faced by logistics companies, especially concerning the reliability of batteries and vehicles. He points out that many batteries were not designed to operate efficiently in Indian conditions, leading to quick degradation and performance issues.  

He further goes on to talk about the impact of EVs on climate change, emphasising the need to electrify the last mile segment first. He articulates the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the Indian ecosystem and the global South, advocating for a holistic approach from materials to battery packs. 

The discussion extends its focus to government policies and their execution. Singhal talks about the alignment of intent in policy frameworks but highlights the need for optimisation in execution, especially in accessing incentives and streamlining processes for private players. 

Addressing the concern of public charging infrastructure, the podcast highlights the challenges faced by logistics companies in Kerala and explores potential solutions. Singhal stresses the importance of dynamic and pragmatic approaches in government machinery to ensure the efficient setup and running of charging stations. 

The podcast concludes by Singhal addressing the issues of financing in the industry and how to tackle that in the log run.  

(Host: Rishi Ranjan Kala, Producer: Amitha Rajkumar and Anjana PV


About the State of the Economy podcast 

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