On June 4 and 6, the AI Unit of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Wadhwani AI, participated in the G20 3rd Health Group Meeting in Hyderabad. The meeting aimed to highlight the government’s focus on AI in the healthcare sector.

In this podcast, Nabodita Ganguly is joined by Shekar Sivasubramanian, Chief Executive Officer, Wadhwani AI. They discuss Wadhwani AI’s participation in the recent G20 Summit and the government’s focus on AI in healthcare and welfare.

Sivasubramanian mentions that India is well-positioned to take a leadership role in the AI space due to the increasing opportunities and applications. He explains that their participation in the G20 summit focused on showcasing solutions in the healthcare sector, including clinical decision support systems, radiology image interpretation, dermatology, and tuberculosis.

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When discussing the achievements in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Sivasubramanian explains how public health personnel and top health institutions identify problems and develop solutions through AI.

After obtaining relevant data, the AI solutions are integrated into existing government applications, such as the eSanjeevani app. The solutions undergo pilot testing and validation before being deployed nationwide.

Sivasubramanian provides examples of successful AI implementations. One such case is the use of AI for disease surveillance, where they analyse millions of articles to extract relevant information for the health industry. This information helps the government take timely actions to prevent outbreaks and potentially save thousands of lives. Another example is the integration of AI into agricultural news monitoring, allowing for the detection of crop diseases and providing actionable insights for the agriculture sector.

Overall, the conversation highlights India’s progress in AI and the government’s active involvement in adopting and rolling out AI solutions. Listen in.