In this businessline podcast, Anjana C Shriram speaks with Tejas Khoday, Co-founder & CEO of FYERS, a broking and investment platform, on the stock market dynamics in 2024.

In this episode, Anjana and Tejas talk about the current state of the Indian stock market, addressing the challenges and opportunities facing retail investors and platforms like FYERS in today’s dynamic environment.

With retail participation on the rise and global uncertainties impacting market dynamics, Tejas offers his expert perspective on the trends seen in the stock markets today.

From market sentiment to technological readiness, Tejas shares his insight on how FYERS is adapting to meet the needs of a growing investor base.

The conversation also explores the performance of FYERS in 2023 and the tech features it has introduced. Tejas reflects on the company’s growth trajectory, highlighting its commitment to delivering value to investors through cutting-edge technology especially amidst a surge in retail investors and the upcoming General Elections.