Recently, the song, ‘Kaavaalaa’ performed by Tamannaah Bhatia from the movie ‘Jailer’ became popular in social media because of its deepfake videos. Though, it can be entertaining, there are various dangers underlying this innovation. In this businessline podcast , Anjana PV talks to Namitha Viswanath, Partner, IndusLaw, on the legal provisions to tackle deepfakes.

Viswanath emphasises that the quality of deepfakes has evolved significantly in recent times. This is making it challenging to distinguish between real and fabricated content. She notes instances where deepfakes have been exploited for political manipulation, leading to confusion and concerns about public trust. The conversation delves into the legal challenges of curbing deepfakes. She highlights that while outright banning might stifle technological advancement, enforcing penalties using existing laws is crucial.

The discussion explores the potential risks to individuals, including the misuse of deepfakes for extortion or fraud. It underscores the importance of raising awareness among the general public about the existence and potential dangers of deepfakes. The podcast also details how celebrities and public figures are particularly vulnerable to deepfakes threats due to their recognisable faces and profiles.

The discussion also turns to the intersection of deepfakes with politics and pornography. Viswanath discusses how deepfakes can be exploited for political agendas, as witnessed during elections or international conflicts.

The podcast also provides a comprehensive insight into the multifaceted world of deepfakes, their potential consequences, and the legal frameworks necessary to mitigate their misuse.

Listen in to the podcast.