In this podcast, businessline’s Haripriya Sureban is joined by Arjun Rao, General Partner, Speciale Incept Advisors LLP; Sangeeta Gupta, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Nasscom; and Geethanjali Radhakrishnan, Founder and Managing Director, Adiuvo Diagnostics, where they talk about the evolving landscape of deep tech start-ups in India.

The conversation highlights the nascent stage of India’s deep tech sector, which constitutes a small fraction of the overall technology start-up ecosystem. However, the momentum is building, with a focus on diverse areas such as health tech, agri-tech, space tech, and more. The guests emphasise the unique advantage India offers for solving micro and macro problems on a large scale, catering to a global market.

The dialogue also touches upon the role of government initiatives, such as the National Deep Tech Startup Policy, which aims to support and nurture deep tech start-ups. They discuss the need for clear roadmaps, capacity building, and public-private partnerships to ensure the effective execution of the policy.

The guests also discuss the sectors where deep tech start-ups in India are making an impact, including health tech, space tech, and AI.

The podcast also explores the significance of AI in the deep tech landscape, noting its convergence with other technologies. Generative AI is highlighted as a transformative force, enabling the democratisation of AI and influencing various industries.

The conversation extends to India’s global presence in the deep tech arena. The importance of risk capital, IP building, and global credibility in establishing a strong presence on the global stage is also emphasised.

The dialogue concludes with a discussion on the National Deep Tech Startup Policy’s potential impact and the need for continued efforts to move from policy formulation to effective implementation, addressing challenges, and fostering the growth of the deep tech ecosystem in India.