Siddharth ‘Sid’ Pai is a technology consultant and an investor in deep tech/science-based startups. An IT industry veteran who has worked with the likes of IBM, Xerox, Logica, KPMG, and ISG, he has personally led over $20 bn in complex, first-of-its-kind outsourcing transactions. He is a prolific columnist and an author who has written books on the sector.

In an in-depth conversation with Venkatesha Babu, Deputy Editor, HBL, Pai talks about the global technology outsourcing sector, the evolution of the Indian IT services players, challenges posed by AI and Machine Learning as well as how Indian IT has always reinvented itself.

Edited Excerpts from the conversation.  

(Host: Venkatesha Babu, Producer: Siddharth MC)


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