In this State of the Economy podcast, businessline‘s MR Subramani speaks to Kunal Lagu and Parag Lagu, Directors of Lagu Bandhu , on the recent surge in gold prices, and its implications for global commodities. The podcast explores various topics, including escalating geopolitical tensions, conflicts between Israel and Hamas, to the ripple effects of US interest rate adjustments, the consequential impact of a weakening dollar, and their impact on gold prices. Kunal and Parag Lagu talk about the complexities of the gold market, offering insights on the evolving dynamics, particularly within the context of India’s economic landscape. As the nation anticipates the onset of the forthcoming wedding season and eagerly awaits the highly anticipated Asia’s gold expo, the speakers analyse the convergence of these events with the current surge in gold prices and explore the potential implications for consumers and businesses, shedding light on emerging trends and strategic considerations. Analysing consumer behaviour, the conversation also looks at diverse strategies adopted amidst fluctuating prices. From cautious buyers awaiting price stabilisation to the emergence of innovative trends in jewellery design favouring lighter and more accessible pieces. Furthermore, the speakers also scrutinise the impact of the ongoing Rabi harvest season on gold demand, unravelling the cyclical nature of consumer spending patterns. With a focus on India’s tier two and tier three cities, the podcast highlights the enduring allure of gold as a preferred investment avenue amidst changing economic landscapes.

Host: Subramani M R, Producer: Siddharth Mathew Cherian, Editing: Rowan Barnett