As water shortage becomes a reality across several parts of the country, a Bengaluru-based company Boson Whitewater has launched an on-demand supply of treated sewage water to malls and industries across the city. 

Boson is a water utility company which converts sewage treatment plant (STP) water into high-quality potable water. It has partnered with Tankerwala, an app that allows customers to book water tankers on-demand, to supply Whitewater to malls, industries and any other commercial operations which might require such treated water across Bengaluru.

11-stage treatment

Whitewater is STP water which is converted into high-quality potable water. The STP wastewater undergoes an 11-stage treatment process through the company’s system to remove any smell, suspended solids, colour and opaqueness from it, to make it clear.

To be sure, Boson is not the first company to process STP water for other useful purposes. Several companies and even local municipalities are doing it. However, the market currently has STP water which can be used only for general purposes such as gardening and flushing. 

Boson claims what sets its whitewater apart is that it goes one step further and makes the STP water drinkable quality which is used by the industries for processing, says Vikas Brahmavar, Founder and CEO, of Boson Whitewater System. The benefit is that the industries will not have to add extra chemicals to soften the water, instead, it can be used directly, he adds.

The company charges between 14 to 18 paisa per litre for the service depending on the scale of demand. 

Brahmavar said that Boson was excited to partner with Tankerwala, “With their network of 1,000 plus tankers, it makes it very easy for industries and commercial establishments to access Whitewater on-demand”.

“Our aim is to create sustainable water infrastructure by finding ways to efficiently use wastewater generated from our residential complexes. Most apartments today are unable to comply with ‘Zero Liquid Discharge’ because they have no avenues to discharge their excess treated water,” he added.

Expansion plans

Currently, the company is in talks with 11 apartments and aims to install 10 systems across the city before December, which would help them to save up to 75 crore litres of water annually. By 2025 it aims to save up to 500 crore litres for which it will install 75 systems. The company also intends to expand to Hyderabad and Chennai in the near future.

Shravanth Donthi, Founder and CEO, Tankerwala, said, “Through this partnership, we want to bridge the gap between apartment communities that have excess treated water and industries that need clean water for day-to-day usage.”