CII Kerala will extend a helping hand to senior women professionals to become company directors by providing them adequate training.

CJ George, Chairman, CII Kerala State Council told Business Line that the new Companies Bill 2013, which comes into effect from April, mandates that there should be a minimum of one woman as member on the board of listed companies.

According to him, Kerala may face a dearth of women directors on company boards even as the Companies Bill comes into effect from April.

There were about 200 listed companies in Kerala, including old plantation firms, and these companies should find suitable ladies to hold the post of director. At the all-India level companies needed hundreds of women professionals on the director board.

He said the CII State Council in association with the Delhi-based Institute of Directors has decided to extend a three-day course for women in Kerala. As many as 25 persons would be inducted in each course and they would be given certificates on completion of the course.

CII in the State has been in the forefront of initiatives to empower women. The Indian Women Network, the women wing, has made a presence, especially in Kochi, through initiatives in partnership with the local Government to ensure the safety of women in public places.