Larsen & Toubro (L&T) will participate in the process of restoring Block 7 in the Lakshmi Bridge (Medigadda Barrage) in Telangana that developed some settlement and cracks in a portion of Block 7 two weeks ago.

In a statement, the company reiterated its ‘commitnment’ to participate in the process of restoration. The barrage had been constructed by L&T Construction, as per the design provided by the Authorities to the quality & standards for the State of Telangana and handed over in 2019. The barrage has since been in operation having withstood the last five flood seasons.

“The matter is under investigation and deliberation by competent authorities. L&T will take appropriate action to restore the damaged portion as soon as the competent authorities conclude on the remedial measures,” the release said. 

L&T had built the 1.632 Km long Lakshmi Barrage (Medigadda) with 86 Piers for the State of Telangana in the year 2019 and since then the Barrage has been in operation and has withstood for the last five flood seasons, including the recent 2023 flood season.

“Last year, this Barrage experienced the highest recorded flood of 28.70 Lakh Cusecs against design discharge of 28.25 L cusecs. The design of the barrage was by the state authorities. The Barrage continued to operate safely & withstood even in unprecedented floods of July 2022,” L&T said earlier.

On the evening of October 21, 2023, sagging of the bridge portion was observed after a loud noise at one of the locations of Block-7 of the Barrage.